Thank you for choosing strawberry Skys to mix your next project! Please contact us at 803-794-9300 or to confirm scheduling and details of your session.  


Please follow the instructions below to upload any music tracks needed for your session.


Make sure all of your tracks have been consolidated (made into single file for each track), and that all files start at Zero on your DAW timeline.  For instructions for consolidating files in your DAW you can Google "How to consolidate tracks to wav in (enter your DAW.) Example: How to consolidate tracks to wav in CUBASE. If you need more help with this process please feel free to contact us at

Select the folder you saved your consolidated WAV files to and make it an archive file such as a Zip file or RAR file. Name the compressed file Your Name_Project Name_date.  Example: Joe Smith_Songs_010115. 

Use the form below to upload your Zip or RAR file.  Please use the Description section to give us any details about the project such as the sample rate, bit rate, and any instructions or requests.